About Us

The purpose of eDladleni is to kindle interest in traditional food. By doing this we hope to dispel the notion that we have to import our food in order to offer a tasty, nutritious and appealing meal that will be enjoyed by Swazis and visitors alike. Through carefully chosen dishes on our menu, we are exploring the possibilities of our own crops.

Our intention is to encourage the cultivation and preparation of local food with its myriad of essential vitamins and medicinal qualities and in turn, to empower and feed our people based on their existing indigenous knowledge systems.

Intensifying and promoting cultivation of local crops and vegetables and providing a market for this purpose will empower poor land-owners and inspire them to increase their production in order to satisfy the ensuing demand.

The nutrient rich crops are a necessity in the fight against hunger and an important weapon in the war against HIV and AIDS and the money generated from cash crops, when circulated through the communities helps to alleviate the growing poverty facing the rural people. The most compelling argument for eating locally grown food is that it is both readily available and affordable.

‘We grow what we don’t eat and we eat what we don’t grow….’